Press Release
March 30, 2010


Youth leaders from all over the country have banded together to form the Kabataang Loren force, Tropang Loren Youth Movement and the Philippine Climate Youth Movement to support the candidacy of NP-NPC-LDP vice presidential bet Loren Legarda.

According to the group spokesperson Engr. Reagan Say, "it's time for the youth to stand up and be counted in the coming electoral exercise as the future of the country is at stake."

He said, "we need leaders who will not only inspire us and guide us towards building and growing a nation but also understand us and care for us like a mother."

"We are supporting Loren Legarda for vice president as she is the only one among the vice presidential candidates who has actually worked for protecting and conserving the environment, fought for the welfare of the abused, bravely rescued those held hostage by wanted groups. No other candidate has risked life and limb to save the lives of others. All the others VP candidates engage in mere talk and propaganda," according to a statement by the Kabataang Loren force.

Meanwhile, the Tropang Loren Youth Movement gains ground as it successfully recruits students from Metro Manila and the country's other regional centers.

Tropang Loren is headed by 500 youth leaders from all over the country who share Legarda's environment and youth advocacies.

"Loren is a role model for the youth. She exemplifies the traits that the Filipino youth seek - nationalism, compassion for the poor and needy, intelligence and active environmentalism," said 24-year old Cristine Baysa, a student at Perpetual Help College of Manila and head of the Tropang Loren Movement.

Baysa added, "bilang kabataan, excited kaming makilahok sa pagpili ng magiging pinuno ng bansa. Many of our members are first time voters, and we want to take this opportunity to make our vote count. We are solidly for Loren Legara. She is our vice president."

The Philippine Climate Youth Movement (PCYM), meanwhile, is rallying behind Legarda's environmental protection campaign. Led by 23-year-old Esperanza Garcia, PCYM has successfully mobilized young "climate heroes" from every region, city, school, and university in the country.

Garcia was the Philippine's only youth delegate to the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change in December.

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