Press Release
April 3, 2010

Election day should be the Easter of politics - Legarda

"Just as Christ gave his followers renewed hope in their spiritual outlook, public officials should try to emulate his teachings and give their citizens renewed hope in their political outlook, though skeptics and cynics may try to virtually crucify them for their efforts."

NP-NPC-LDP vice presidential candidate Loren Legarda issued the statement to mark Easter Sunday, urging fellow candidates to give new meaning and relevance to resurrection and rebirth.

"Candidates know this - that voters, especially the poor majority, look up to them as saviors that would lead them to a better life," Legarda said. "The dishonest take advantage of this just to get elected and then use their office to enrich themselves. On the other hand, the honest public servants use their office to try to improve their constituents' lives."

"Election day should not just be an opportunity for policians to renew their stay in public office but for them to renew the people's trust in democracy," Legarda asid. "It should be the Easter Sunday of our politcal life."

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