Press Release
April 15, 2010

NP readies 1M-strong 'rainbow army' for clean polls

The Nacionalista Party (NP) is set to fan out nationwide its "rainbow army" of at least one million volunteers of various political colors to safeguard the sanctity of the ballot come election time on May 10.

This was bared yesterday by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, NP secretary-general, as he cited the overwhelming response of the people to the call for a movement to ensure clean and honest elections.

He said the NP initiative grew by leaps and bounds since recruitment started early this year, swelling to over a million at present and still counting.

"We thank the citizenry for shedding off their personal political colors and crossing party lines to join the movement. Their unselfish act as volunteers is a positive sign that all is not lost," Cayetano said.

He said while the Liberal Party is cladding its volunteers in one color, the country's oldest political party is drawing volunteers from all political colors and across all sectors to make the movement truly a people's initiative.

Cayetano said the rainbow coalition will share resources and information with other like-minded groups in pursuit of clean and honest elections.

The formidable grassroots organization of NP, he said, would assign three volunteers to each of the country's 352,980 precincts, or about 1.1 million in all, that will form the backbone of the rainbow coalition.

He said the NP has also consolidated its legal team, with members assigned in all cities and provinces in the country, to assist in any election-related matters that may arise during the May polls.

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