Press Release
April 19, 2010


"Didn't Secretary Agra stop to think that Governor Zaldy Ampatuan may have deliberately stayed out of ARMM on the day of the killings so he could claim innocence later on? If the Secretary isn't dumb, then it appears he is playing dumb."

"The legal basis is rotten to the core. This is a shameless and despicable white wash of the highest order."

"We condemn this DOJ order to absolve Zaldy Ampatuan of any involvement in the crime. We condemn the Arroyo administration's maneuver that provides aid to a staunch political ally. Indeed, former GMA spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo's words spoke the truth, that the long-standing friendship of GMA and the Ampatuans will not be affected by the massacre."

"Finally, this is a deliberate move to free a political kingpin in order to deliver the votes to Arroyo's anointed come May 2010. This is a travesty of justice let loose by no less than the Secretary of Justice. It is an abomination that ought to be condemned and vigorously opposed."

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