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April 21, 2010


In observance of Earth day, Senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. reiterated his appeal to all concerned government agencies and the general public to take part of the removal of garbage in the shorelines, rivers and creeks in the metropolis and other parts of the country.

The senator stressed that Metro Manila alone generates some 8,000 tons of waste daily but authorities said not all of these are collected and brought to designated landfills. "I firmly believe that our garbage problem is not only in Metro Manila but in almost all parts of the country. It is the duty of both the government and the citizenry to make an effort to protect the environment including the conservation of water resources by proper disposal of solid waste," Bong Revilla said.

The reelectionist lawmaker said the issue of littering, whether in streets or waterways, should not be disregarded because it causes several hazards in the environment and eventually to the people. He revealed that since the 1940s, there was a dramatic increase in plastic use which resulted in huge quantity of plastics floating in the oceans and deposited on beaches worldwide. "Aside from being an eyesore and nose sore that would discourage the influx of foreign tourists, floating garbage along the coastlines, rivers, creeks, beaches and oceans would be a health hazard to the people and other living things," he pointed out.

Bong Revilla urged the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to coordinate with the Local Government Units (LGUs) on launching a waterways clean-up and anti-littering campaign nationwide He also appealed to residents of the 41,882 barangays nationwide to faithfully practice garbage segregation in their neighborhood. "Let us reuse recyclable materials out of segregated garbage. This would reduce tons of trash delivered regularly in the dumpsite," Revilla said.

He also suggested beachgoers to bring their own trash bags where they will throw their garbage instead of leaving it in the beaches. "Many people know that littering is a major environmental problem yet they still carelessly discard their trash," he explained.

Revilla earlier filed Senate Bill (SB) No. 1692 or the "PUV-Cleanliness Act", mandating drivers and operators of all public utility vehicles (PUVs), including tricycles and pedicabs, to install a trashcan which will serve as container for their passenger's garbage. "Garbage discarded from vehicles is second top primary source of litter, next to pedestrians dropping garbage on the streets and gutter. We must act in our own little way. If we will be fortunate to be reelected in the Senate, we will again push the passage of this bill," he added.

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