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April 27, 2010

Villar: May 10 polls all about leadership

Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Manny Villar said that despite the black propaganda and mudslinging waged by his opponents, the biggest issue in the May 10 elections will still be the leadership and capability of the candidates.

In an interview over DZRH, Villar said his opponents have thrown everything at him including the proverbial kitchen sink.

"Ang ginagawa naman ng mga kalaban natin ay pipili ng isa o dalawa isyu at babaligtarin 'yung mga isyu. Pagkatapos 'yung magaganda kong nagawa ay pilit na pinapapangit. Pinagtatakpan kasi nila na wala silang nagagawa," he said.

But he explained that the biggest issue in the coming polls is still the leadership and capability of the next president of the republic.

"After being entertained by all these antics by our opponents, Filipinos will still have to ask themselves, 'Who is the most qualified person to lead the country out of the rut and into a brighter and better future?'" Villar said.

He said his opponents have tried every "dirty trick in the book" to try to derail his candidacy, starting with the C-5 Road Extension project, his poor roots in Tondo and, just recently, allegedly pressuring the Philippine Stock Exchange to bend the rules to favor his company Vista Land.

He said the drop in his survey ratings was a direct result of the black propaganda campaign of the Liberal Party and its standard-bearer Benigno Aquino III, as well as the lies perpetrated by former President Joseph Estrada and Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.

But Villar said the true essence of the presidential campaign is how a candidate fulfills his obligation and responsibility to the Filipino voter to present himself as a leader who can lift this nation up.

"Napakahalagang hindi sila (voters) magkamali sa pagpili sa magiging leader nila. Kapag tumama sila, aangat tayo. Kamukha ng nangyari sa ating mga karatig-bansa, tumama sila sa pagpili ng leader, umangat sila. Tayo, hindi pa tumatama sa pagpili ng leader. Eto na naman tayo, ayaw na naman nating tingnan ang mga track record ng mga kandidato," he said.

He said when a candidate resorts to mudslinging, it can only mean two things: either he is trying to mask the emptiness of his platform and hide his shortcomings as a leader or he is really just a vicious person who loves to destroy other people for the joy of it.

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