Press Release
April 29, 2010


"I, along with our standard-bearer Senator Noynoy Aquino, our SLAMAT LORRRD Senatorial slate, and the rest of the Liberal Party, am committed to lasting peace and progress in Mindanao, and recognize that such can only be achieved through a transparent, constitutional process that involves all stakeholders.

"Such a process is not anymore possible under an administration that has lost the confidence of the people, and any secret negotiation at this time will only be detrimental to our overall goal of stability, prosperity, and freedom from insecurity, built upon the foundations of trust and moral authority.

"We thus call on the Arroyo administration to stop negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, since these have been shrouded in secrecy and have been proven to be unconstitutional; it undermines the unity of our nation and fans the flames of divisiveness.

"An Aquino-Roxas administration will conduct its own negotiations and will be guided by its mantra of transparency, honesty, and integrity even in dealing with secessionist groups. We will not recognize any agreement done under the current administration that has been characterized by corruption, horse-trading, and transactional politics. Hindi dapat itali ang kamay ng uupong administrasyon, lalung-lalo na kung ilegal ang papasuking kasunduan ng rehimeng Arroyo.

"We, however, appeal to the MILF to continue the ceasefire. If, as they claim, they truly have the welfare of the people of Mindanao in mind, they will recognize that bloodshed will only beget more bloodshed, and that the cessation of hostilities is the first step on the true, straight path towards our collective goal of a dignified life for all Mindanaoans."

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