Press Release
April 30, 2010


With 11 days left in the campaign, an unfazed NP-NPC-LDP vice presidential candidate Loren Legarda believes the true survey is out there, and says the real gauge of victory is the sentiment of the entire nation.

"Survey results reflect the opinion of a small group of people at a particular point in time. How can three thousand, mostly urban-based people speak for 50 million Filipino voters? If you want to know the real pulse of the people, go out on the streets, go to the provinces and get to know the people," Loren said.

Legarda said the people she meets on the campaign trail inspire her to campaign harder.

"The people themselves tell me not to believe in the surveys. Ask anyone who has been in my campaign sortie - people line the streets during motorcades, they flock to the markets when I visit, thousands converge in municipal gyms and stadiums when my runningmate Manny Villar and I speak. How can all these people be wrong?" she said. Legarda reiterated that the ratings game is a political tool, which politicians commission to brainwash people into believing their candidate would win.

"Unlike my rivals, I don't commission surveys. I campaign on the ground. I try to reach out to as many people as possible on the ground level, in markets, city halls, and plazas. I bring my platform and humanitarian mission to them. And I also engage in dialogue with them through consultation meetings," said Loren.

Legarda, an advocate of grassroots democracy and people empowerment, said the campaign period is an opportunity to inform voters about the issues embattling our country, and present concrete, doable platform to address them. It is also a chance to engage citizens in dialogue, and get their feedback and views.

"It really shows that a platform-based campaign reaches out to people, and that we are succeeding in running a campaign that educates voters," she said.

Legarda is the only female senator who has topped the Senate race twice, in 1998 with over 15 million votes and in 2007 with over 18 million votes.

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