Press Release
May 5, 2010


Senior citizens have joined the massive following of NP-NPC-LDP vice presidential bet Loren Legarda and vowed to take their support for the lone female candidate to the polls because of her pro-elderly legislations.

"We support Loren Legarda for demonstrating remarkable leadership as principal author of the Expanded Senior Citizens' Act. This law exempts us Senior Citizens from paying the 12% VAT," according to a statement by the Federation of Senior Citizens Association of the Philippines (FESCAP).

Legarda, who principally authored the law and ushered it into passage in the Senate along with Sen. Pia Cayetano's Committee on Social Justice, said "This law is my tribute to Filipino senior citizens who have been and continue to be part of building our nation. Our generation owes a lot to them and their hard work, and it is only right that we take care of them in their old age. That is the spirit behind this legislation. We should give the elderly what they deserve."

The Expanded Senior Citizens Act gives the full 20% discount on the professional fees of physicians in all private hospitals, clinics and medical facilities; and on medical and dental services, diagnostic and laboratory fees, and home health care services.

The measure also gives indigent seniors and non-pensioners disability assistance, discount on transportation, hotels, recreation and culture (movies, concerts), and utilities like water and electricity.

Apart from the discounts and benefits, the DOH shall administer free vaccination against the influenza virus and pneumococcal disease for indigent senior citizen patients.

The Cebu Provincial Federation of Senior Citizens Association of the Philippines, Inc. also joins in lauding Legarda for her work. Apart from passing pro-elderly laws, Legarda has also conducted medical missions that provided free checkups, medicines and eyeglasses to senior citizens.

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