Press Release
May 5, 2010

Ground forces making headway
Villar, NP upbeat on winning people's votes

Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearer Manny Villar said he is positive that his network of supporters in the countryside would translate into votes and carry him to victory on May 10.

Villar said the outpouring of support for him and his running mate Loren Legarda and the rest of the party's senatorial slate from local government leaders and various support groups and volunteer organizations is promising.

"Kaya kahit ano ang nababasa roon sa surveys, very optimistic kami. Lahat halos ng aming rally, ganito palagi ang crowd," a visibly jubilant Villar told reporters during his sortie in Vigan over the weekend.

Since the start of the campaign period for the national position last February 9, Villar and his ticket have been amazed at the huge number of crowds showing up for their rallies.

"Ako, confident ako and I think, si Loren naman, confident din sa chances of winning kaya kami lalong nagsisipag ngayon," Villar said.

He said the multitude of people congregating in NP-staged concerts is a reflection of the sentiments of voters.

Villar has won the ground war across the nation by successfully putting together formidable political machinery that would ensure the delivery of his votes in the coming elections.

"Yes maliwanag naman na nasa ground na ang labanan ngayon. At nakikita mo na ang galawan ng mga tao. At [48] milyon ang mga botante," he said.

"Marami na tayong nakuha. Sa mga suporta sa local, sa tingin ko, we are way ahead," said Villar. "...One thing is clear, sa lokal, we are way ahead."

However, Villar said it is difficult to predict the "moves" of the 48 million voters on Election Day, but he is hopeful they will go for a president who has the competence, track record and performance.

Meanwhile, the NP said in a statement that it has fielded candidates in almost all elective positions in the local level in the entire nation.

"No other party has accomplished what Senator Villar has done in terms of alliance building.

"The party's allied political leaders in every province, city and municipality have guaranteed a 100-percent turnout for those who will vote for Villar and the NP slate," it said.

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