Press Release
May 7, 2010


Reacting to the latest survey results, NP-NPC-LDP vice presidential candidate Loren Legarda and her legions of supporters composed of local government leaders and heads of sectoral groups unite in rejecting the poll results.

"This survey is hilarious. It is not reflective of the real score on the ground. Everywhere Senator Legarda goes, political leaders and local residents go out of their way to show their support for her," said NPC spokesman Congressman Rex Gatchalian of the 1st district of Valenzuela.

Legarda called on voters to "read between the lines in looking at political surveys. Do they represent the real sentiment of the nation, or are they mere political tools used for trending purposes to confuse the electorate?"

"Hindi kami nakikinig sa surveys. 'Yang mga nagsusurvey, tila yata may pinapaborang kandidato. Halatang halata naman, hindi ba?" said Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines Inc (FEJODAP)'s President Ka Zeny Maranan.

Linda Abadiano of the National Federation of Barangay Health Workers said, "as a matter of fact, not a single Barangay Health Worker was asked to participate in any of the surveys. They're really not representative."

Ramon Abalos of the Mindanao League of Municipalities said there is no basis for the surveys. He assured the solid support of Mindanao to Legarda, who is an honorary Muslim princess.

In the Visayas, the Vice Mayors League of Negros Occidental are firm in their endorsement of Legarda for her platform-based governance and humanitarian efforts.

Engr. Reagan Say, spokesperson of Kabataang Loren agreed the survey results are "totally impossible". The nationwide youth group continues to support Legarda for her pro-education and pro-youth laws.

Philippine Youth Climate Movement (PYCM) president Esperanza Garcia highly doubts the accuracy of the surveys, saying "in the Philippines political surveys are commissioned, meaning someone pays for them. On that basis alone, surveys are never accurate."

In 1998, when Legarda first ran for Senator, the surveys ranked her at number 17 but on election day, she landed at the number one spot.

Legarda dominates all rivals for VP in the Class D and E category. She has also gained massive following from the farmers, fisherfolk, indigenous peoples, youth, senior citizens, and women's sector.

Her platform of government revolves around the most pressing issues of the day including poverty and hunger, unemployment and climate change.

The only female candidate running for the vice presidency, Legarda says she is unfazed by the surveys.

"Even with only 3 days left before the elections, we remain focused. We are still hard at work to bring national issues to the electorate and help them make an informed choice come election time," said Legarda.

NPC Spokesman Gatchalian added, "we continue to mobilize our political machinery and all our supporters to ensure victory for vice president Loren Legarda."

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