Press Release
May 12, 2010

Statement of Benigno S. Aquino III on the appointment
of Justice Renato Corona as Chief Justice

"Is it too much to ask President Arroyo to not add another problem for the next administration to inherit?

"Her appointment of a Chief Justice in waiting is at the very least inappropriate. Chief Justice Puno's term has not ended. There is no vacancy to be filled.

"We call upon her to recognize the new government's right to appoint the next Chief Justice.

"There is still time for Mrs. Arroyo to reconsider her decision. We hope she will choose not to add another burden on top of everything else she will be leaving behind. She should instead concentrate on ensuring a smooth transition.

"We will resolve the problem of the appointment of the Chief Justice with the utmost consideration for the provisions of the Constitution and the interest of the Filipino people."

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