Press Release
May 14, 2010


BALER, AURORA In an effort to avert an impending water crisis in the country, Senator Edgardo J. Angara and the Congressional Commission on Science and Technology and Engineering (COMSTE) today welcome global experts and industry leaders to the country's first Water and Sanitation Conference.

The summit, to run from 14-16 May here, tackles various issues on water supply and demand management in Metro Manila and in the country, alternative sources and flood control and public-private financing partnerships and opportunities in and from outside the country.

"With Aurora province a leader in water supply and management in the region, we are very honored to host this important event in a bid to find solutions to the water crisis in the Philippines. We will be exploring technologies and opportunities for national and global partnerships. This is a pioneering effort in the country," asserted Angara, Chair of the COMSTE.

The country's environment and natural resources department has repeatedly made calls to save water and conserve its many sources, but with growing population and wasteful practices the country is now facing the threat of a drought. Many of the country's water reservoirs have dried up or already nearing drought due to extreme heat levels felt in recent month.

The water elevation in Angat dam alone was already at 200.74 meters (4.43 m below the normal level) due to the low inflow of water from the Angat and Umiray rivers. Records of the National Water Resources Board showed that in December 2009 water inflow to Angat was only 22% of its normal levels and for 1-12 January the inflow to only 30%, its lowest in six years since 2004. Angat supplies 98% of water in Metro Manila but to date, there has been no rainfall in Angat since November of last year.

"We should look beyond the problems and instead seek opportunities, starting off with aggressive development of technologies and investments on water," Angara concluded.

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