Press Release
May 15, 2010


BALER, AURORA - Senator Edgardo J. Angara calls for innovative management of water resources to achieve energy, food security, disaster mitigation and sustainable development goals.

Speaking at the Water WATCH (Wise Adaptation of Technologies for Clean H20) conference in his water-rich hometown Baler, Angara said, "we must find innovation-based water solutions for our towns and cities, and create a viable policy and business climate for the effective use of technology to solve our water problems."

"Technology may be key to solving our water problems. Water purification, desalinization and wastewater treatment technologies continue to be developed and commercialized. The possibilities are exciting and promising," he said.

Angara added that such innovative technologies - combined with sound national policies, adequate investments in infrastructure, sanitation and sewerage, and serious environmental conservation - will "ensure that this generation and the ones after us will have enough water to drink."

Water WATCH is hosted by the Congressional Commission on Science & Technology and Engineering, a joint congressional body formed and currently chaired by Angara to address technology and innovation issues.

Featuring top experts in the fields of water and sanitation, with nine internationally-recognized speakers, the conference discusses water and sanitation in terms of supply, demand, and governance.

It relates water to the vital, specific issues of agriculture and food production, water and energy, and water and climate change and flood control.

Participants are from local and international financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, as well as local and national leaders.

One of the highlights of the conference is a technology exhibit that showcases current trends and the newest technological innovations in the water industry.

The conference also forges a new path of innovation by encouraging Public-Private Partnerships.

"We want the province of Aurora to be a model province in water management. Our goal is to be an effective and vital supplier of water to neighboring communities through proper water technologies and practices. Ultimately, this will allow us to develop a national model that will address water and sanitation issues in the entire country," he said.

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