Press Release
May 17, 2010

Food Donation Act IRR signed
Gordon: Food donation law not a dole-out

Senator Richard J. Gordon today said that the Food Donation Act that he authored and sponsored is a measure that would alleviate hunger experienced by the many Filipinos and stressed that it is not intended as a dole-out.

Gordon made the statement as the organizations involved in the implementation of Republic Act 9803 (Food Donation Act of 2009) approved and signed the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the law on Monday.

"It took several years before this bill passed Congress. This law is extremely important because many of our people live on a P284-budget a day for their meals, which means they have to divide the meals at P8.00 per person in a family of five," he said.

"We are not fostering dependency here. However, the poverty and hunger in this country is of great proportions that we have to take action and try to get as much leverage as we can with the many restaurants, hotels, bakeries and supermarkets that can provide extra food," he added.

He added that the idea is to give food to the most vulnerable while helping them improve their lives by conducting livelihood seminars and skills training programs.

"Through this measure, we can teach the poor to create food opportunities for themselves. We are giving them a helping hand until they can regain their ability to feed themselves and therefore get back their dignity," Gordon said.

Under RA 9803, the government, led by the Department of Welfare and Social Development, and other concerned agencies, principally the Philippine Red Cross, will collect surplus or excess food, and NOT leftovers, from parties, buffets and from restaurants and fast food chains. Milk-based and tomato-based cooked food could not be included since they have a short shelf life.

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