Press Release
May 24, 2010

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile


Q: Sa caucus, ano po 'yung napag-usapan?

SP: Pinag-usapan namin sa caucus, ang mga pangyayari, 'yung initialization nung Consolidation and Canvassing Server na nandoon sa House of Representatives, 'yung aking meeting kay Speaker Nograles regarding the way the canvassing will go and then 'yung pangyayari na may mga PCOS machines na dinala rito sa Senado. Then, I discussed the Rules with the members of the Senate and I told them to study the working draft which is the Rules proposed by the House of Representatives so that tomorrow, when we meet in Joint Session with the House, we will adopt the rules subject to such refinements as the members of the Senate might wish to introduce. The purpose of the discussion was to see to it that we adopt transparency, credibility, fairness and accuracy in this canvass and at the same time, be sure that we can accomplish our work so that the country can have a president and a vice president to succeed the present presidency and vice presidency on June 30 at noon. Our timetable that I suggested this morning when I was interviewed, the earliest we can do it, the better. But realistically speaking, I would say that the earliest we can proclaim is June 4, the latest, as far as I am concerned, is June 15.

Nine-man Panel

Q: Sir, buti po nakabuo kayo ng nine-man panel?

SP: Mayroon na kami. Pinakiusapan ko 'yung mga kasama ko. Mayroon ding alternates. Mamaya imamanifest ni Majority Leader Zubiri.


Q: Sir, ano po 'yung posibleng magpabagal sa canvassing?

SP: Ang suggestion ng mga kasama, at ako ay sumasang-ayon, na we will spend the first two days to hear the explanations of the Comelec, Smartmatic and other people that we will tap about this brouhaha of failing PCOS machines, some suspected ERs and so on and so forth so that we can clear this area and proceed with the canvass expeditiously.

Q: Sir, kailan po magstart 'yung canvassing? Wednesday?

SP: Hopefully, Wednesday, we'll start. We are ready because there are many certificates of canvass that are not in contention.

Q: Saan pong area sa rules hindi nagkakasundo ang Senado sa House?

SP: Wala pa. We are just verifying some of the rules, but by and large, we accept the rules that were drafted by the House. There are only certain clarifications that are going to be made.

Q: Will the panel be open to another "koala bear"?

SP: We do not want bears, whether it's koala, or polar, or brown bear, or black berries.

Q: Will you require the Comelec to submit the results of the random manual count?

SP: Yes. We will probably ask them to do that.

Q: Paano sir kung wala or kulang kulang?

SP: Titignan natin. We will not anticipate any problem.

Q: Ibig sabihin, sir, pag may mga nag-object, nagpresenta ng mga testimonies sa dayaan, ano po ang magiging treatment?

SP: Kung may dayaan, hindi naman problema yun sa canvass eh. That will be a problem that will be taken up by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal but we will hear them to what extent those dayaan affected the result of the election.

Q: Sir, were you able to resolve the earlier problem in forming the nine man canvassing committee?

SP: Resolved na 'yun, tapos na.

Q: How were you able to resolve it?

SP: I appealed to the members of the Senate to attend and to accept the responsibilities and to forego some of their trips.

Q: Si Joker sir?

SP: Babalik, babalik siya. He's a member of the canvassing team.

Q: What about those who inhibited, sir, including Sen. Santiago?

SP: Well, I would appeal to them to appear for the session because we need them for quorum purposes. We cannot function if they do not appear, and they are elected to do a job, a constitutional job. They have to perform that job. It is not my command. It is the command of the people.

Q: Sir, 'yung nine names kanina, ino-nominate pa lang ngayon, o 'yun na 'yun?

SP: Bukas, imamanifest ngayon dito sa record namin dito sa session.

Q: Do you see any problems reconciling the Rules between the House and the Senate?

SP: I don't think we'll have a problem. We are all matured people, we'll have to accommodate each other for the sake of the country. Walang partisan activity, walang hidwaan. It is all for country.

Q: Sir, hindi matatagalan yung discussion on Rules?

SP: I don't think so.

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