Press Release
May 25, 2010


As the Senate and House of Representatives convene today for the canvassing of votes for presidential and vice presidential candidates Senator Edgardo J. Angara, one of the nine member panel formed during yesterdays session -- part of the National Board of Canvassers to canvass the votes for president and vice president said that this will be much quicker compared in 2004 as most of the candidates have conceded.

"Contentious issues in the congressional canvassing would be minimized because many of the candidates for the two top posts had already conceded defeat," said Angara, member of the Joint Committee.

"The lawyers and representatives of the candidates may still raise questions or issues for the record and for future guidance of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) but this will not be highly contested except for the vice presidency where Mayor Binay has minimal lead over Sen. Roxas," he added.

Although contentious issues will be minimized Angara said that it doesn't mean there will be no issue that will surface. However, if there is evidence of cheating it should be referred to Presidential Electoral Tribunal because it's outside the jurisdiction of the canvassing board.

In 2004 it took the Joint Committee 23 days canvassing while for this 2010 canvassing it is scheduled to last for only 2 weeks in the legislative calendar.

"I'm optimistic that this will be quicker than 2004, let's just be patient and let our political and constitutional process take its final course," said Angara.

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