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May 25, 2010

Transcrirpt of Ambush Interview of SP Enrile

Q Ano po ang expected scenario sa pagharap ng Smartmatic and Comelec tomorrow?

SP Well, there are some questions. First, about the resolution that they discarded, and then the performance of the PCOS, why are there so much questions raised and being heard now by the Suffrage Committee of the House, and other issues that will come up. We want to know what security measures were introduced in order to see to it that the integrity and reliability of the documents that were transmitted or created by the PCOS and transmitted to the various servers were maintained.

Q Sir, sa committee yun haharap?

SP Oo, sa committee.

Q Tapos pwedeng sumama yung ibang Kongresista?

SP Pwede sumama yung ibang interested parties including those who have any issue to raise.

Q Could we expect that the actual canvassing of votes will start tomorrow?

SP After we have clarified the issue. It will take so much time because I think we will spend about two or three days to clarify all of these issues so that we can canvass the votes without interruptions. That is my estimate, it could be earlier.

Q Madedelay po ang canvassing?

SP Hopefully we could begin if we get satisfactory answers to the questions that will be asked.

Q If there are a lot of questions, the canvassing will be delayed?

SP Well, if there are still questions to be answered then we have to ask the public to be patient so that we can really clarify all these doubts. We do not want to have a canvass to be open to any cloud of doubt. Alam mo kasi, kailangan maipaliwanag ng mga Comelec at Smartmatic at ganun din yung mga IT experts natin, kung ano ang nangyari dyan sa botohan na iyan na maraming nagrereklamo. Pangalawa, merong mga resolution na ginawa ang Comelec pagkatapos binalewala nila ng bisa. Bakit? At sa batas, kailangan ang digital signature sa bawat transmission. Yan ba ay sinunod? Ano ang proseso upang ma-authenticate, mapatunayan na ito nga ang tunay na resulta nung botohan doon sa mga PCOS na yan, at yan ay nangyari sa ilalim ng matapat na pagprepara nung mga resultang yan. Yan ang mga tatanungin namin sa mga tinatawag naming mga resource persons bukas.

Q Sir, for the record, are the Smartmatic official and the Comelec officials invited?

SP They are invited in the meantime. If they will not appear, then we will issue a subpoena for them to appear. If they still do not appear, we will cite them for contempt. They are invited.

Q Sir so bale hindi pa kayo magbubukas ng COC until maliwanagan kayo?

SP Hindi pa. Paguusapan muna namin. Itong mga problema, gusto naming linisin lahat yan bago kami mag-umpisang magbukas ng mga COC para sa ganun, alam namin kung ano ang mga titignan namin, iingatan namin, pagaaralan na masusi sa pagbubukas namin doon sa mga COCs.

Q Some lawmakers are saying that that is for the PET to determine?

SP The questions that must be raised will refer to the election of the president and vice president, but if in the election of president and vice president, PCOS were involved. If there are issues regarding the performance of the PCOS, some or all, or none at all, then we will have to inquire about this.

Q Sir gaano po katagal ang pagdinig?

SP Hindi ko alam kung gaano katagal. Depende sa sitwasyon.

Q Will you put a cap sir? Two days, three days?

SP We cannot put a cap, but we will see to it that there will be no unnecessary delays.

Q How about if you fail to resolve this sir?

SP I do not speculate, your question is somewhat speculative. I do not deal with ifs.

Q Will you do separate canvass of president and vice president?

SP No, we will canvass both. If there is any problem with respect to a particular COC for president, then we will set it aside, in the same manner for the vice president.

Q Will you proclaim both?

SP As much as possible, we will proclaim both. If there is any reason to proclaim the president ahead, not much problem on the canvassing, then we will proclaim him. If there is no legal question, as long as we proclaim both before June 30.

Q Sir in your opinion, did the Comelec comply with the digital signature?

SP I do not know yet, I cannot comment without hearing the facts.

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