Press Release
June 14, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara has called for additional insurance benefits to barangay captains in the country to compensate for the dangers that the job poses and for their grassroot-level contribution to nation-building.

"Barangay captains, as executive officer, implement development projects and law enforcement initiatives of the government. In performing their duties, they inevitably encounter danger, such that a good number of them and their families have become victims of vengeance and retaliation," explained Angara.

Angara sought to provide supplemental benefits to Barangay Captains for death, injuries and sickness that they will sustain in the conduct of their official duties and functions. The measure goes beyond rhetorical appreciation and provides a certain level of comfort for the difficult work they perform and all the attendant risks that they are exposed to.

"For these reasons, it is but fitting that Barangay Captains should be given refuge in the law," conceded Angara, author of some of the country's most socially-relevant bills and laws such as the PhilHealth Act, the Senior Citizens' Act, the Children's Health Insurance Program, the Student Fare Discount Act, among others, to help Filipinos improve their living standards.

In addition to insurance benefits extended to barangay captains by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), an insurance coverage of the following will be granted:

  • A P250,000.00 death benefit, if caused by assassination, accident and similar circumstances while conducting official duties and functions;

  • Burial expenses of P50,000.00;

  • and Entitlement to reimbursement for actual medical expenses of up to P100,000.00 for injuries sustained from attempted assassinations, accidents and similar circumstances while conducting official duties and functions.

Angara further noted that "the barangay is the basic political unit of the country and plays a very significant role in nation-building and law enforcement. It is frontline of the government's initiatives for national development at the grassroot level."

"Over time, the Barangay had evolved as a critical factor in the implementation and success of the government's law enforcement agenda. It is only right that we provide what is due them, a way of commending them for their dedication and service to the country," he concluded.

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