Press Release
June 16, 2010

Pia condemns latest media killings

"I join media organizations in strongly condemning the killing of radio anchors Jesse Camangyan of Sunrise FM in Davao Oriental on Monday and Lito Agustin of Aksyon Radyo in Ilocos Norte yesterday. The brazen slaying of journalists, as underscored by the Maguindanao Massacre last year, as well as other forms of violations of press freedom, count among the darkest 'legacies' of Mrs. Gloria Arroyo's nine-year rule. The government's indifference to the state of Philippine media was even affirmed recently by the unceremonious 'killing' of the Freedom of Information Bill by Mrs. Arroyo's allies in the closing session of the House. I am hopeful that the incoming administration would make it a priority to decisively address this climate of impunity and to deliver justice long denied the victims and families of unsolved media slayings."

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