Press Release
July 5, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara said that he and his bloc are not disqualifying anyone of their support in the Senate Presidency race, clarifying that an independent Senate is led by someone who puts the people's interest first -- regardless of party affiliation.

"Everyone has an equal chance of the Senate Presidency. The principal qualification we are looking for is someone who will uphold the dignity and independence of the institution. One who will lead a reformist agenda and someone who will not just criticize for the sake of criticism," said Angara, longest serving Senator of the republic.

He added, "It would be a wrong assumption that we are excluding Sen. Pangilinan as a choice just because he's in the same party as the President. That is a wrong conclusion."

Angara explained that "an independent Senate is one led by a Senate President who protects the interest of the public and the Senate as an institution no matter which party affiliation or political persuasion." This, he said, can be maintained if the next leader of the Senate will be elected based on his own merit -- not merely on affinity.

Angara and his bloc intend to announce whom they will support on or before July 15, 2010. "We will act jointly and elect whoever presents a genuine and strategic legislative reform agenda for the Senate. We want someone who has vision and foresight, and who will prioritize laws that will propel the country's growth, create jobs and ensure the delivery of basic social services," said Angara.

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