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July 8, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara today reassured all ruling blocs that the race for the Senate Presidency is fair and unbiased towards any of the contenders, despite speculations on the alliances in the Senate.

"It's quite unfair for Senator Kiko Pangilinan, or for anyone for that matter, to hastily assume that he or any of the other candidates for the Senate Presidency does not have our bloc's support. We promised Kiko that when the Liberal Party has decided on who their bet is, we will definitely be open for dialogue--to him and to all other contenders," Angara clarified in an interview with Ces Drilon on the ANC Rundown Monday night.

Angara was responding to questions on whether his bloc in the Senate, which currently holds the most number, has had any talks with Pangilinan, the LP's contender for the Senate Presidency.

Asked of his personal choice for the next leader of the Senate, Angara stressed that he is not the sole deciding factor in his LDP bloc in the Senate. He assured Pangilinan and NP bet Sen. Manny Villar, that the LDP will decide collectively based on the 'three criteria' for selecting their choice for Senate President.

He enumerated that the SP must be a leader who (1) can uphold the autonomy of the Senate, (2) pushes for a reform agenda and (3) is not an obstructionist.

"This will be a difficult thing for us because we know that both contenders have all the values we set for the Senate leadership. Both Senators Villar and Pangilinan have a solid track record of reform and cooperation, so we don't want to give out premature signals to the public. Besides, my bloc has agreed to decide on who to support on or before 15 July," Angara said.

He also stressed that the LDP does not take Pangilinan's affinity to Pres. Noynoy Aquino against him, as "this can also be an advantage for him, should he win the race for the leadership of the Senate."

Angara expressed optimism that speculation on who his bloc, as well as of the other blocs in the Senate, will be supporting between Villar and Pangilinan for the Senate Presidency to stop, as there is still time for dialogue among themselves. He reiterated that shared advocacies and the vision to continue the reform agenda of both the government's legislative and executive bodies will be the main deciding factor in their choice for the next SP.

Angara's bloc will decide on whom to support on or before July 15.

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