Press Release
July 17, 2010

Dredging of Laguna Lake and Tributaries Caused
The Massive Flooding In Laguna

Senator Loren Legarda today said the dredging of the 90,000 hectare Laguna Lake along with its surrounding tributaries is the main cause for the massive flooding in Laguna, her home province.

"Environmental science and agricultural engineering experts have been apprehensive about the consequences of dredging in Laguna Lake . "

Legarda cited that dredging will dissolve the heavy metals present in the lake which are harmful to humans and can even be cancerous like mercury, cadmium and lead that will be released in the overlaying water. The algae which the fish eat can be contaminated. The fish that is caught could be a toxic carrier to humans.

Legarda whose roots are in the town of San Pablo challenged, "I will engage all government agencies who ought to be responsible for the onslaught in Laguna, particularly those responsible for the dredging of Laguna Lake and its tributaries. "

After typhoon Ondoy, Legarda conducted a public hearing in the town of Sta. Cruz , Laguna to inquire what caused the waters of Laguna de Bay to overflow by 10.4 meters leaving 28 towns and cities submerged in flood waters that persisted for more than a month.

"Laguna has now been placed in a state of calamity because of the fury of Basyang. There is massive flooding in 27 out of Laguna's 30 towns, reports of death due to drowning and poor infrastructures, the evacuation of hundreds families from danger areas and damage in the rice and corn farms amounting to as much as P47 Million."

"Being chair of the Climate Change Committee of the Senate, I am determined to help local government units in the formulation, planning and implementation of their respective climate change action plans," Legarda concluded.

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