Press Release
July 20, 2010


Nearing a decision on who to support for the Senate Presidency, Senator Edgardo J. Angara today revealed that both LP bet Sen. Kiko Pangilinan and NP contender Sen. Manny Villar are still in talks with his Senate bloc.

"They are both very active in wooing our group especially now, very intensive. But among ourselves we are very careful not to send the wrong signals or revealing prematurely as to whom some of us may prefer. As a group, we will be solid in supporting our candidate for the Senate leadership," he said in an interview over DZBB earlier this week.

He has stressed that his bloc's choice for the Senate Presidency will be one who embodies the ideals of leadership of the Senate: autonomy as an institution, shared goals for legislative reform agenda and positive-constructivist approach to the new administration.

Angara has been in the spotlight for his bloc's dominance in the Senate, having the most votes for the next Senate Presidency. Earlier this week some members of his group were reported to have defected, an issue Angara warns to be inaccurate and misleading.

The former Senate President also assured the public that "a consolidated decision should be made Wednesday this week," adding that "whoever we decide to support, we will do so solidly for as long as he shares our group's agenda."

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