Press Release
July 20, 2010

Senator Legarda urges the Creation of an Exclusive Hospital
for OFWs and their Dependents

Senator Loren Legarda today proposed for the creation of a special hospital called the "Migrant Workers Hospital"exclusively for our Overseas Filipino Workers and their dependents, which shall be under the supervision and control of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

"It is a reality that a substantial number of our OFWs are subjected to abuse, exploitation, and discrimination and return home with poor health conditions. Statistics show that 42% of all repatriated OFWs return to our country needing medical attention or hospital confinement for various physical or mental illnesses sustained abroad. These numbers are appalling and the continuance of this condition is simply unacceptable," expressed by an alarmed female senator.

Legarda's Senate Bill No. 8 calls for the "Migrant Workers Hospital" to:

1. Provide comprehensive and total health care services to all migrant workers who are OWWA contributors, including their dependents;
2. Complement the existing package of services under the Health Care Program to include preventive, promotive, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative programs;
3. Conduct medical examinations to ensure the physical and mental capabilities of all the would-be OFWs duly covered by an approved job order;
4. Set up a system to effectively monitor the condition of patients; and
5. Generate relevant information and data in aid of policy formulation.

"Our OFWs are our new heroes. Not only do their remittances keep our economy afloat, they travel to foreign countries, struggling in differing cultures, deprived of the company and love of their families. It is not enough that we acknowledge them as heroes; we must undertake concrete action to protect their well-being as well as that of their families. We must make sure that their sweat, blood and tears will not go for naught because of deteriorating health," the Senator emphatically stated.

"The Migrant Workers Hospital is government's way of taking care of our 'Bagong Bayani' and their dependents. I will fervently push for this bill to become law."

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