Press Release
July 23, 2010

Repair Pipes & Valves, Effect Equitable Rationing of Water - Loren

Senator Loren Legarda today expressed her dismay over reports that 53% of the supposed total water supply for Metro Manila users was lost due to pipe distribution leaks.

"Why was there no regular monitoring, facilities check-ups, routine repairs?"

The Chairman of the Senate's Climate Change Committee said, "The water shortage due to natural causes is being aggravated by this gross negligence."

"Even the gate valves of Angat Dam that help regulate water flow was reported to also be leaking."

Legarda is also asking the National Water Resources Board who is in charge of allocating water use about the inequitable distribution of scarce water available .

"There are complaints of class bias in the rationing of water."

"Low-lying places where many poor communities are situated such as in the Commonwealth Avenue area do not have ample water while nearby affluent uphill shopping establishments and neighborhoods enjoy uninterrupted water supply."

"The marginalized should not be disproportionately disadvantaged in this water shortage as they have much less resources to deal with this."

Legarda concluded, "Let us focus on how we can ease the sufferings of our marginalized. The water crisis is forcing them to buy water with money that should be spent for food because their taps are empty."

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