Press Release
July 28, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara said that the Senate will agree on committee chairmanships based on consultation, dispelling rumors on a dispute among Senators regarding committee assignments.

"We want to avoid voting out for committee chairmanships because we've already succeeded in creating a solid and united Senate. We don't want it to require voting, and I think we all agree that it would be better solve it through consultation. We don't want to start off the 15th congress on the wrong foot," said Angara, who chaired the 14th Congress' Senate Committee on Finance.

Out of the 36 Committees in the Senate only 3 are highly contested; Finance, Blue Ribbon and Public Service.

Meanwhile, Angara said the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) and Commission on Appointments (CA) will not be a problem because it will rely on representation based on party affiliation.

"The CA is the best forum for the public to participate in scrutinizing the qualification and background of government officials. Therefore the composition of the CA should be balanced so we it can objectively render decisions on every nominee," he said.

"Our group will stand firm in participating and acting pro-actively in this Congress. We will support the wisdom of our leader and base our decisions on values and the criteria of protecting the independence of the Senate and in pursuit of forming a constructive legislative agenda," said Angara.

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