Press Release
August 3, 2010


Chairmanship of Blue Ribbon Committee and Peace and Unification. Being met by criticisms.

No comment. No, actually, I don't know what criticisms yet.

Being a neophyte?

First of all there is nothing in the rules that says that neophyte should not handle any committee, major or minor. Secondly, if you look at the history of the senate. My father Tito Guingona, as a neophyte senator, headed the blue ribbon committee. And si Franklin Drilon also, as a neophyte senator, headed the Blue Ribbon Committee.

LP cornering majority of the prime committees.

Well, you just take a look at the committee distribution that can tell you whether it's true or not.

Being a close ally of PNOY baka walang ma-imbestigahan ang blue ribbon laban sa administrasyon.

No actually, its accountability of public officers. It will be treated fairly. Equally. With a level playing field for everyone.

Tingin ng ibang senators dapat sa mas experienced na senator naibigay because it's the tradition.

That's their opinion

Did you asked for it, sir?

That was agreed upon.

How about yung energy napunta kay Senator Serge?

I think you should ask him.

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