Press Release
August 4, 2010

Transcript of SP Enrile's Interview before the Senate session

On the cancellation of Senator Lacson's passport

The Senate will not interfere. It's the prerogative of the government if that is their remedy to bring him back. We appeal to them not to do that to a senator, but he is facing a grave charge before our Courts and there's a pending warrant. We do not want to interfere with the enforcement of our law.

Once his passport is cancelled, he can stay in a country where passport is not needed anymore if he has connections in that country and granting that there is no existing extradition treaty between our country and that country. I don't remember any similar case before.

I had no contact with Senator Lacson and don't know if he's here in the country. Matagal ko na sinabi na umuwi na siya and face the charges as we did. If he's here, he can face the battle although it will be a little bit inconvenient at the start. But in the end, he can go to the Supreme Court and have his case reviewed.

On the impending fare hike of MRT & LRT

Increase is given. Basta 'wag lang napakabigat sa bulsa ng mga tao. The cost of operation would go up so that there's a need to adjust the fare. But the adjustment should be reasonable. That's why we have a regulatory body to handle the fare increases.

I just talked to the LRT manager and found out that their revenue is about 9 to 10 million pesos a day. That covers power, employees and the precision, and so forth, which are the operational cost. At meron pang sobra. That means that there is no subsidization of the fare. Probably what they mean by subsidy is recovering of the capital cost of the facilities to operate the LRT. 'Yun ang capital investment ng government. 'Yun ang karga ng gobiyerno. Sila ang nagbabayad ng utang na pera na ginagamit sa pagpatayo ng LRT. So to that extent there is a subsidization of the fare structure of the LRT.

ON Senate President Enrile's meeting with Senator Miriam last night

I was requested by Senator Villar to meet with Senator Miriam last night at Shangri' La Hotel in Makati. I asked what caused her little irritation to me. I told her that I did not say this thing or that thing and she understood. Then she kissed me on the cheeks...because she is my inaanak.

I gave to her 'yung naiwan na committee which is fitted for her because she is a constitutionalist, the Constitutional Amendment, Revision of Codes & Laws. Bati naman kami. There was just a misunderstanding.

I think she's going to be part of the majority if she is going to get the Constitutional Amendment...We are all happy. Wala namang tension. We are mature people.

On the issuance of E.O. 2

Karapatan ng Presidente 'yun dahil he is the appointing power. He can remove, reappoint, retain and dismiss people. Kahit na may term of office, if in his opinion ay labag doon sa prohibition that the preceding President could not appoint two months before and two months after a national election, then it is the prerogative of the succeeding President to act. If there is an issue, then let the courts decide.

Walang liability 'yung nagsagawa ng 'midnight appointment.' Presidente din 'yun, akala siguro niya she has the power.

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