Press Release
August 5, 2010


Following reports of outbreak of dengue fever in Luzon and many provinces in the Visayas, Senator Edgardo J. Angara today called on government to intensify its information campaign against dengue, and warned the general public to keep dengue-prone areas clean and avoid storing unnecessary waters in and around households.

"It is the rainy season and we can expect cases of dengue to spike. Let's do our part in cleaning up stagnant water, starting in our homes. Let's keep all these areas clean to keep mosquitoes from breeding and infecting our families, especially the children," warned Angara.

Angara expressed concern over the several reports of dengue outbreaks and called on the DOH to stay alert for the rising cases of [dengue] in provinces.

In Cebu City alone dengue cases increased by 756 since January this year, up from 593 cases for the same period last year. The DOH in Tacloban also reported at least 5,090 cases in Eastern Visayas, with already 65 deaths since January. The DOH has already reached "epidemic proportions" with the city's record along reaching 1,194 cases recently.

Yesterday a Sierra Madre leader asked regional health authorities to look into a possible dengue outbreak among indigenous groups in Quezon province, adding that other communities in the Sierra Madre have also reported of infections.

"Now more than ever, the public must be vigilant against health risks. We should dispose of any stagnant water in our areas and immediately consult a doctor when we feel the signs of fever. We cannot afford to be or our children get sick," Angara said.

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