Press Release
August 17, 2010

Transcript of interview of Senate President Enrile


SP There should be supervision and control over these government-owned and controlled corporations. That is addressed to the Chief Executive, because he has control over all of these agencies. They are created by Congress, they are placed under the supervision and control of the executive to manage.

(Q: Sir, Can we specifically point to the Office of the President for its failure to monitor the GOCCs?)

SP It would be unfair to just refer to the Palace because these corporations are scattered all over the place, in the different departments of government. Let the Congress re-study the whole thing and then come up with a policy translated into a legislation that will correct the situation.

On Noynoy opening the Cha-Cha just to appease the Mindanao problem

SP It depends upon what they are going to suggest. I would probably maintain an open mind on that and support it if it becomes necessary provided that it does not cause a dismemberment of the country, and it will not affect the sovereignty of the nation over the areas involved.

(Q: Sir, premature po bang pag-usapan 'yun considering na wala pang formal na abiso?)

SP There is nothing premature. Everything is open to debate and discussion.

(Q: Will this stoke fears of another MOAD?)

SP Hindi. Kaya nga sinasabi na there must be no derogation of the territorial integrity of the country and its sovereignty over the areas.

I cannot go along with the dismemberment of the country and I don't think the Presidency will be authorized under the Constitution to dismember the country. It is possible that the solution could be a federalized system, and that will be a different matter altogether. I will support a federalized system for the country.

On the possibility of a change in parliamentary form of government

SP Well, those are possibilities. The moment you open the gate for a Constitutional revision or amendment, then anything can be introduced, but it all depends on the temper of the country.

(Q: Sir, yung federal system, it can be a tool para ma-solve yung problema sa Mindanao?)

SP Oo. Sigurado 'yun. Give them the right to govern themselves, raise their own taxes. Provided they are within, they maintain the integrity of the territory of the Philippines, and they are under the sovereignty of the Republic.

I cannot tell you (the mood of Congress) right now. I am not God to be able to tell you the mood of the country.

On World Bank contract

SP We must not allow that practice. That will have to pass through a multi-lateral organization to access the adaptation funds available that we can access directly. Bakit pa tayo dumadaan doon?

Q Pwede po ba i-rescind yun, kung meron nang contract?

SP Pwede, hindi pa naman implemented. Mamaya, mayroong hearing.

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