Press Release
August 26, 2010


In an interview conducted by university students, Senator Edgardo J. Angara yesterday explained how the proposed extension of the education system to 12 years is a viable plan for the Philippines.

"This is all a matter of timing. Once we figure out when to implement this change--after careful study and extensive consultation with the government, the academe, the parents and the students--we can create a framework which will smoothen this transition," said Angara, Chair of the Committee on Education, Arts and Culture.

On the matter of the added financial burden to the students' families, Angara acknowledged that there would be initial difficulty both for public and private school students.

"Of course, we must also consider the additional cost to the students' parents once this change is applied. For those from private schools, two more years of tuition and school expenses have to be shouldered. For the public school students, that's two more years before they can be expected to work to support their families. Following this rationale, the government should be prepared to assist them through more scholarships, grants, or financial assistance," Angara said.

Angara, who was a former President of the University of the Philippines, was asked why this 12-year basic education curriculum would be beneficial for us.

"When you compare the school system here with those of more developed nations, you'll see that ours is indeed the shorter. Adding two more years to the lagging Philippine curriculum will put it at par with those other countries, increasing our student's competitiveness worldwide. Letting our students fulfill their potential, that is the bottom line." replied Angara.

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