Press Release
August 27, 2010

Legarda to Climate Change Commission, MMDA, DPWH, DOE, DA, DENR: Speed Up Drafting of National Climate Change Action Plan

Senator Loren Legarda urged the Commission on Climate Change, the MMDA, DPWH, DOH, DOE, DA, DENR, Laguna Lake Development Authority, the Department of Education and other key government agencies to closely work together and jointly connect with communities most vulnerable to the impact of climate change.

After the second hearing, the Chair of the Senate Committee on Climate Change assessed that the vision, strategies and action plans of various government agencies have an apparent disconnect.

"The consequences of their separate efforts on climate change are being borne by the poorest populations - those living along esteros, waterways and other high-risk areas. And this should not remain so."

Legarda asked the officials DPWH, DOH, DOE, DA and DENR, among other agencies, to submit their plans of actions during the next climate change hearing.

"The everyday Filipino must be able to understand what it means to have climate-proofed infrastructure. The farmers and fisherfolk and farmers must be informed what it means to have climate-responsive crops and adaptable fishing methods."

"I am URGING the Commission to speed up the drafting of the National Climate Change Action Plan by building on the results of multi-stakeholder collaborations on climate change, to be able to immediately guide sectoral and local level action," Legarda concluded.

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