Press Release
September 6, 2010

Transcript of interview of Senate President Enrile

On Secretary Robredo's inclusion in the DOJ panel that is investigating the hostage taking

He was not in command. According to the Constitution, the DILG secretary has no direct control over the police. He's just chairman of the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM). The one that has administrative supervision and control over the police is the NAPOLCOM, not the DILG secretary. He cannot act alone. He has to act through the Commission. It is very clear in the Constitution that administrative control and supervision shall be with the National Police Commission, not the chairman, not the member, but the Commission.

On Robredo's appointment as DILG secretary

Kapag sa Commission on Appointment (C.A.), ad interim appointment 'yun, kasi di pa kami nag-convene sa C.A. But since he's only in an acting capacity, meaning he's not appointed yet. Hindi siya dadaan sa Commission. It depends upon the President how long will he stay as acting DILG secretary. You do not question the prerogatives of the President when it comes to cabinet appointment, unless that person is not qualified according to the Constitution.

On President Noynoy's acceptance for responsibility and accountability over the hostage taking fiasco

That shows that he's confident enough to assume the responsibility. And that is as it should be. Everything stops at his door. He is the Chief Executive of the land. No one is higher than him. To the outside world and the Filipino people, he is responsible for the conduct of government, and all his subordinates are responsible to him. He can fire them, retain them, chastise them, or admonish them. If you are really the President and you feel confident as a President, you assume responsibility. You do not pass the buck. If a member of the Cabinet feels he's weak, then he should quit.

On the rumors about Cabinet revamp

Why should there be a Cabinet revamp? Katatapos lang ng eleksyon. All of a sudden, because you lost a battle, all your generals will quit? That's not the way to run a government.

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