Press Release
September 8, 2010


Senator Loren Legarda asked the Chairman of the Climate Change Commission, President Benigno Aquino III to immediately convene the body because climate change, which is a cross-cutting issue that affects our national survival, deserves top priority for the government.

"Hunger, starvation, the rise in cases of those afflicted with dengue, droughts resulting to increases in the price of basic commodities are all related to climate change. The concerns especially of the Departments of Agriculture, Environment and Health are all related to climate change."

"It being the first year anniversary of Ondoy, and the season of typhoons, President Aquino should orchestrate, to prevent another tragedy, all the activities of government in cushioning the effects of climate change."

"During this morning's Senate Committee on Climate Change and Foreign Relations briefing, we learned that we are not able to directly access the Adaptation Fund under the Kyoto Protocol because we do not have a National Implementing Entity or a mechanism that will receive the funds and manage it."

Legarda stressed the need to review and designate a government agency that can help access these funds for our vulnerable communities. "We are forced to be dependent on implementing institutions who charge a big percentage for their consultants and management fees for projects."

Legarda lamented that although there are other climate change funds available, we are not qualified to avail of them.

" One of the funds is for least developed countries, which we are not, the other is the Special Climate Fund which needs co-financing from our government which we can not afford. "

Legarda said that in the talks in Cancun, Mexico in December, the developing nations are going to fight for direct access to climate change financing.

"There is an appeal by the G77 and China for developed nations to own up and pay up through financing of adaptation projects."

"We need to be more aggressive in demanding for "compensation' for damage wrought by developed nations."

"While there is no legally binding agreement as a result of Copenhagen and no agreement may yet be reached in Cancun, there are developed nations who want to help us. With limited coffers, we should not miss such opportunity for financing."

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