Press Release
September 11, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara said he will once again bat for the Anti-Internet Piracy Bill in the 15th congress, as a first step to amend the country's Intellectual Property Code.

In Europe, arrests have been made recently during raids against Internet piracy. At least twelve European countries, including England, Germany and France have cooperated to neutralize about 48 servers distributing the illegal material online.

"The challenge to protect intellectual property have changed with rapid advances in technology and the quick transfer -- whether legal or illegal -- of information and software through the internet. There is now a need for us to amend our Intellectual Property Code (IPC) to handle the occurrences of copyright infringement through the Internet," said Angara, author of the amendment to the IPC or Senate Bill 880 in the 14th congress.

This bill seeks to integrate comprehensive and efficient strategies to respond to the upsurge of internet piracy. Also, it seeks to give recognition to the rights of authors of artistic and literally works, by acknowledging their right to control or be compensated for the use of their works, as well as the rights to distribution and rental.

Angara, who also chairs the Senate Committee on Science and Technology, clarifies the need for technologically-savvy legislation.

"In an increasingly global arena, nothing less than a global effort will ensure the effective protection and development of intellectual property. Our overall aim is to provide an Internet environment where it is safe to distribute and license protected material," he said.

"If done properly, these amendments would safeguard the development of Philippine digital arts. Moreover, we would be able to use the World Wide Web as a platform to share our nation's world-class talent while protecting our artists' intellectual rights," Angara explained.

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