Press Release
September 14, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara sympathizes with the judiciary branch, after the new administration granted only about half of the judiciary budget.

The P14.3 B given to them instead of the P27.1 B it asked for will keep them from renovating the various halls of justice in the country. Important sectors such as the personnel, retirees, and health allowances for their employees will also be without funding.

"We need a closer look into why we are starving our judiciary of its funds. The judiciary branch is already suffering now from lack of personnel as well as lack of facilities due to the insufficient budget," Angara stressed.

Angara also addressed the administration's argument that the courts can get the money from their filing fee revenues.

"It's true that we allocated some of the money coming out of the Supreme Court collection, but that's not enough, as it's used mostly for salary adjustments," he clarified.

He further explained that aside from taking advantage of the court employees, the image of the judiciary system as a whole is very important in getting the public's respect and reverence.

"The improvement of the facilities, the building of new courts-those are critical-because we can say that the judiciary arm of the government, the system of justice is a mark of civilization," said Angara.

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