Press Release
September 14, 2010


Amidst strong opinions that media may have committed excessive coverage during the August 23, 2010 hostage crisis, I am of the opinion that there is still no compelling need to formulate a law that will regulate them during such incidents.

Although there was admission on the part of the media that there were lapses in covering the August 23 incident, the members of the Fourth Estate have become restrospect and committed to self-regulation during real-time coverage of sensitive issues.

I do believe that a law that will regulate the manner of covering an even may not be applicable to all conflict situations.

Giving the regulations to media on how to do their job may be tantamount to encroachment in delivering facts and information to the public. In effect, this may deprive the public of its right to information.

However, when a need does arise, I believe that Congress, in the exercise of its oversight and constitutionally mandated functions, may come up with such a law.

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