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September 16, 2010


In celebration of the Dia del Galeon (Day of the Galleon), the Philippines will be revisiting the Manila-Acapulco trade route and its impact to world trade through a series of workshops, performances, tours and seminars that will be held throughout the country with the special participation of Spain, Mexico and Latin America.

On September 14, an advance party composed of four Spanish nationals will be arriving in the country to oversee the expected docking of the Galleon Andalucia in the harbors of Manila on October 5-9. The party, composed of Ignacio Fernandez Vial, Guadalupe Fernandez Morente, Joaquin Garrido Garcia and Jose Luis Rivera Perez, will go around Manila to find a suitable harbor for the Andalucia to dock at.

Dia del Galeon will kick off on September 20 with Artes Talleres, a three-week interdisciplinary festival with lectures, workshops, demonstrations, exhibits and performances with the theme, "Habitat, Heritage, History and Language: Continental Connectivity." The Artes Talleres is geared towards tracing the effects of the Galleon Trade as a major influence in world political economy through the trade routes and international commerce, as well as establishing the role of the trade in the development of the sciences of the seas. The Paclas Latin American Studies Conference, on the other hand, will be held on October 5 and 6. The Paclas is a forum organized by the Philippine Academic Consortium of Latin American Studies, and this year's forum will focus on the emergence of Latin American Identities including the role of culture and language in nationhood, and the post-colonial developments.

Spectaculos: the Workshop, slated on October 6 to 8 will feature series of performances and media arts modules, reflecting the Galleon trade themes, with multi-cultural performances and a production of Juana La Loca. This will be followed by the visit of the Galleon Andalucia, a replica of the 17th century original that sailed through east and west. Galleon Andalucia, created by the Nao Victoria Foundation, will dock on Manila Pier for public viewing.

Finally, the five-day educational trip Viaje del Galeon will be launched on October 8 and will ply the Manila to Cebu route with on-board activities and heritage tours upon docking, as well as interactive performances and Galleon Trade significant reenactments with themes such as biodiversity protection and climate change.

For details, please contact Chariss Aquino-Tugade at telephone number (+632) 527-2192 loc. 616, or (+632) 527-2715. You can also email her at [email protected] and at [email protected]

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