Press Release
September 28, 2010

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Enrile

On whether to push through with the investigation of MWSS

SP Yes, we have to because we need water. The Angat source is becoming uncertain because of siltation.

Q Pero sir, parang ang nakaka-hamper doon is MWSS?

SP We have to look into that. Either we abolish it, we knock it down, or we change the system.

Q Pwede po'ng umabot sa punto na i-abolish natin 'yung MWSS para ma-access ulit 'yung Wawa Dam?

SP There is no government corporation in this country that is indispensable. We can change it anytime. We can abolish it, or we can restrict their powers.

On the investments from the U.S. brought home by President Noynoy

SP Well, if he succeeded in doing that, we should commend him. It is not easy to convince people to come to our shores to do business with all the news that are being purveyed by the wires coming from here, which are derogatory to us. It's a surprise that he was able to convince that amount of money to come into the Philippines.

Q Sir, more than what was expected ba 'yung mga nai-uwi ni President Noynoy?

SP Oo, I thought that he was only going there to sign a $400-billion millennium fund but he has exceeded more than that. We should encourage him to do that. It means that there is still goodwill out there coming from what we did in 1986.

On the Reproductive Health bill

SP I think it is proper that a leader like him must not have a closed mind. He must have a very open mind to consider all facets of every issue that will be presented to him. No sector, as far as the leadership is concerned, has vested interest to push his own agenda. It is the function of the leader to see and look at the problems in the light of all interests involved in society.

On whether the jueteng investigation should push through

SP I am in favor of any investigation that will improve the condition of the country. In the case of jueteng, I have already taken my position. I am in favor of legalizing it because we have been dealing with this problem ever since, even during the time of the governor-generals. We have not succeeded in stamping it out. It is time that we review our position. Many people might disagree with me but that is my position. Let us legalize it, tapos. Then, you can regulate so that there will be no cheating. The bettors will have a fair deal, and second, you can raise money for the government, and tax the people who are involved in this illegal numbers game. We can recycle the money back to the poor people of this country.

Q Do you think we have information on jueteng?

SP I do not know. The Blue Ribbon people are handling it. I have no control over their schedules.

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