Press Release
September 29, 2010


Q: Is it true na hindi pupunta si USec. Puno and Versoza tom?

STLG: Yes. USec Puno is out of the country. There's a communication which was furnished to us. And also former PNP Chief Versoza, we served the subpoena but people at his residence said that he is out of the country.

Q: Si Tony boy din imbitado?

STLG: Si Tony boy nagpadala ng sulat at babasahin ko bukas.

Q: Subpoena yung kay Versoza?

STLG: Subpoena, pero hindi naserve because he is out of the country. We will ask the immigration to verify this and if it is true we'll wait until he comes back before we consult.

Q: Wala din communication sa inyo si Versoza?

STLG: The last hearing mayroon siyang abogadong pinadala pero you know naman that is not sufficient.

Q: Sino ba yung inaasahan dumating bukas?

STLG: Secretary Jesse Robredo, PNP Chief Bacalzo, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Anti Money Laundering Council , the famous PCSO in charge of the small town lottery. Quiñonez.

Q: How about Governor Chavit Singson?

STLG: He's not been invited.

Q: or any of the reported jueteng lords or operators named? Hindi po kayo nag-imbita?

STLG: Will ask them tomorrow , I will announce it but I guess this interview makes it. I will announce that. First of all , all those names, there is an open invitation if they so wish to address the committee hearing, then they can come. So they can either come personally to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing so that they can air their cry or they can write a letter or can send an affidavit. It's up to them.

Q: Pati si Atong Ang?

STLG: Atong Ang... It includes everybody who has been named.

Q: The committee will not require them?

STLG: I don't feel the need because in the spirit of fairness, I think they should be given an equal opportunity to air their sides but if they so wish to appear personally they are most welcome.

Q: Sir, may pinasang bill regarding sa legalization of jueteng si Senator Estrada. What is your reaction?

STLG: Well yes, that is one of the options that is being looked up. Either the legalization of jueteng or strengthening the STL. Yun lang dalawa ang nag-aaway ngayon ng mga ideas. Wala pang bagong third idea na lumalabas. Yung legalization of jueteng is the manifestation of the (inaudible).

Q: What will you support?

STLG : I will not like to make a conclusion yet until we finish the jueteng hearing because we would like to hear all sides muna. If you recall nandoon yung PCSO last time pero hanggang ngayon hindi pa sila nakakapagsalita sa sistema ng STL at kung ano ang pagkakamali ng STL at hindi nila nasusugpo ang jueteng.

Q: Pero sabi ni Senator Bong-Bong baka daw hindi masiyadong ma expand yung hearing, hindi ba may ganoong statement na kayo earlier. Kasi daw po baka nasasaktan na daw si President Aquino?

STLG: No. We have to call a spade a spade. Whatever happens we have to make sure that everything is ventilated, lumabas lahat but at the same time we have to make sure that everyone is treated fairly.

Q: So kahit na sir yung mga nadadawit ay malapit sa pangulo, pursigido po kayo na dire-diretso lang ang hearing?

STLG: Dire-diretso ito. Walng putol.

Q: There's no intention of cutting short?

STLG: What I meant is that I will not prolong it. By prolonging it, I did not want it to drag on for 2 months, 3 months because after all is said and done, what's most important is that we come out with a thorough study at the systems that will address the problem . We cannot have a hearing until December. That would be too long. The sooner that we could come up with our findings the better for everyone. Mayroon nga diba nagsasabi na hearing ng hearing wala naman nangyayari. eh yun nga gusto ko, may nangyari.

Q: Sir, paano kung nasa ibang bansa pa din yung dalawang leader na akusado?

STLG: Si USec Puno babalik naman iyon. Hindi naman iyon magtatago. Babalik yun. Si Versoza na lang ang i-veverify namin kung talaga bang umalis ng bansa.

Q: Sir ano ang implication na yung dalawang major na tao na hinhintay ng publiko na magpaliwanag ay wala bukas?

STLG: We will just call him the next hearing.

Q: Ano ang tutumbukin ng hearing bukas? (inaudible)

STLG: Wala pang contemptuous act eh.

Q: Ano ang objective niyo sa hearing bukas?

STLG: Well number 1 : the side of the guy who is implementing the anti-jueteng program and that is the Secretary of DILG. That's the most important. Does he know of this? What is he doing? What steps are you doing? Specially that the one of the accuse of receiving the jueteng payola is one of your secretaries? What are you doing now of this information? Tell us. That's why we called him. Second ofcourse, there's the BIR. There is so much money moving around from the jueteng. How come they were not able to track it down? AMLA, one of the predicate crimes of the Anti Money Lanudering is jueteng and Masiao. Mayroon nab a silang na freeze na assets ng mga jueteng lords. That what we want plan to achieve tomorrow.

Q: How about Archbishop Cruz? We will not be seeing him tom?

STLG: I don't think there is anymore need for Archbishop Cruz . I think he has given enough . And it is up to the authorities to move on to his list.

Q: How about Sandra Cam? Regarding sa mga mini cooper na binigay sa PCSO?

STLG: PCSO will be there tomorrow. We will ask them.

Q: How about yung pag launder through paintings?

STLG: AMLA will be there so we will ask them.

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