Press Release
September 30, 2010

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On national peace process and peace negotiations in Mindanao

SP: Kailangang malaman natin kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng sub-state. I cannot say I agree or disagree but I want to know what they mean by a sub-state. What do they mean by the highest form of autonomy. At bottom, I want to know the definition of the area that they have in mind. How big is it and what are included in that area? Would that include only land, dry areas, or will it include air space? Would it include high seas and so forth and so? And then, about people, would it include only Muslims? Would it include also indigenous people who are non-Muslims? Or would it include also Christians embraced within the area they have in mind? So, it's a complex issue that must be studied and particularized.

Q: So, sir, so far, may sinasabi ba sila na dapat laman ng sub-state? Mayroon na ba silang inidentify?

SP: Wala pa.

Q: Sir, 'yung possibility na magkaroon ng Constitutional amendments para...

SP: Sa aking paningin, personal ko ito, hindi maaaring ma-solve ang problema sa Mindanao ng walang Constitutional amendment dahil nasa Constitution na ang ARMM and it speaks of Muslim Mindanao. First of all, it talks of Mindanao only and it talks of Muslim as a descriptive word of the word Mindanao. So, that tells me it speaks of an area and people. If you are going to include areas outside of that, then, there might be a problem about the constitutionality of whatever is going to be done. So, to erase that possibility, we have to revisit the Constitution.

Q: Sir, andoon pa rin 'yung proposed federalism to solve the problem...

SP: Lahat 'yan ay terminology lang. But at bottom, it means a definition of an area and the people in it which you can call the highest form of autonomy or sub-state or federalism.

Q: Sir, ano pa ang dapat i-amend sa Constitution para ma-accommodate ang settlement ng peace sa Mindanao? SP: Marami.

On the alleged graft and corruption of TESDA officials

Q: Sir, sa COA findings on liabilities of TESDA officials mayroong P39 million unutilized equipment...

SP: Kailangan kasuhan na ang mga nasasangkot doon para matapos na ang graft na 'yan. Hindi pwedeng imbestigasyon lang. Kailangang mayroong charges to be filed. That's the function of law enforcement na.

Q: Sir, 'yung charges, administrative and criminal?

SP: Lahat na. Kung kailangang criminal tapos administrative, kung kailangang plus impeachment kung may impeachable person. Kung kailangang ethics, pa-ethics mo rin kung mayroong ethical conduct involved.

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