Press Release
October 6, 2010

Let's Provide Adequate Healthcare For Our Teachers -
Establish A Philippine Teachers' Hospital/ Activate Teachers' Wards

In response to the growing number of teachers being diagnosed with tuberculosis, pharyngitis, hypertension, anemia, hyperacidity and other work-related health risks, Senator Loren Legarda recommended the establishment of a special PHILIPPINE TEACHERS HOSPITAL which shall provide comprehensive health care services to all teachers and their dependents complementing the existing package of services under the National Health Insurance Program.

According to Department of Health, the Philippines is among the 22 high-burdened countries in the world according the WHO. TB is the 6th leading cause of illness and the 6th leading cause of deaths among the Filipinos. Most TB patients belong to the economically productive age-group (15-54 years old).

The Department of Health has reported that from January to December 2009, there have been 150, 422 cases of tuberculosis which have been detected.

Legarda 's Senate Bill No. 1397, the "Philippine Teachers Hospital Act" proposes that the PHILIPPINE TEACHERS' HOSPITAL provide health care services to teachers in the National Capital Region. There will also be regional hospitals which shall have teachers' wards, with an initial capacity of at least fifty (50) beds for hospitalization and medical care to teachers and their dependents residing outside the National Capital Region.

"There is a need for the State to provide health facilities that specially cater to the needs of the teachers who because of the complications of their jobs are vulnerable to many diseases among them tuberculosis."

"Our teachers are the most reliable and dedicated public servants. They are being constantly called upon by officials of the local and national government to assist in various civic activities which contribute to the welfare of the community and the country, most notable of which is when they perform their functions during election period, and most recently, when they assisted the National Statistics Office in gathering data even in the remotest places. "

Legarda cited that teachers are given substitute and special parental authority under our laws. Article 218 of the Family Code states that the school, its administrators and teachers shall have special parental authority and responsibility over the minor child while under their supervision, instruction or custody.

"Teachers are indeed our unsung heroes. Despite the difficulties that continue to confront their profession, they remain fiercely loyal to their responsibility in molding the values and character of the young generation. We should take care of our teachers who are taking care of us in more ways than just teaching." Legarda concluded.

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