Press Release
October 12, 2010


On the amnesty grant of Pres. Aquino to Sen. Trillanes, rebel soldiers....

This is a welcome gesture from the president which I commend him for.

The amnesty proclamation is just the beginning of the process by which our soldiers will have to go through.

Congressional and court approvals are other processes that they have to hurdle. This forms part of our judicial system.

I am confident though that on the part of the Senate, this will be granted approval since majority of us have already expressed full support on the amnesty grant for our jailed colleague Sen. Antonio Trillanes and other jailed soldiers involved in uprisings.

I am optimistic that our counterparts in Congress will throw the same support to our soldiers whose only fault is it that they committed a political crime.

Our history shows that in political crimes, losers become criminals while victors the heroes. The act of political uprising only becomes a crime if those responsible do not succeed.

I reiterate my full support in seeking amnesty for my colleague Sen. Trillanes and our soldiers.

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