Press Release
October 12, 2010

Loren to DTI: Prioritize Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Senator Loren Legarda said self-employment in the rural areas must be the primary concern of the Department of Trade and Industry by supporting micro, small and medium enterprises.

"They may not be the big bucks earners like the tourism and mining sectors, and BPOs but these absorb the lack of employment in the most vulnerable populations where many have minimal education."

"When I go around the country, they always say, we don't know who will train us and how to connect with the markets. I am talking about the smallest entrepreneurs who probably do mat weaving in Basey, Western Samar or who do shell necklaces in some town in Bohol, those who need only a minimal capital of P5,000.00 to P10,000.00"

"We have to help those who have greater needs, those who will never be employed in mega businesses but could still have a fighting chance to have a profitable means of livelihood."

"The vigilance of the Department of Trade and Industry in assisting and training more micro-entrepreneurs with product development, product quality, good management, labeling and marketing through their personnel assigned in the provinces will be an invaluable economic growth boost. " Legarda concluded.

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