Press Release
October 13, 2010

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Enrile

On de Lima thinking of resigning as DOJ Secretary

SP She was noted as saying that it crossed her mind to resign. Alam mo, if you cannot agree with your President and you have a very strong position, you just have to tender your resignation. Get out. As far as I am concerned, I worked with several Presidents and nobody is indispensable. If you cannot agree with your boss, he is the boss, the Chief Executive Officer, you are just an alter-ego, and your decision is subject to modification by the President. He has the Constitution here. He has the executive decision, control and supervision over all offices in the Executive Department. The meaning of control is he can reverse, modify, in any way amend or alter your decision. You should always assume that you are only in effect. If you suggest anything, it is only recommendatory. It is up to the President to decide whether he will sustain you, or he will disagree with you, or reverse you.

Q Sir, hindi po ba maganda 'yung nagbanggit pa si Sec. De Lima nung resigning?

SP Well, kanya-kanyang paningin 'yan. Kung hindi mo katulong 'yung boss mo, or you do not agree with him, and then you have to take the plunge. Now if you feel that you are a subordinate, that you do not superimpose your will over your boss, then keep quiet. If you disagree with your boss, then you ask for an appointment. You go and see him and say, Mr. President, I beg your pardon but I disagree with your decision. I would like to take it up with you and argue my case. But it has to be between the two of you. The moment you go to the public and say something, in effect disagree with your boss, well, you have to make up your mind. Quit or stay.

Q Sir, kapag nasa government, hindi pwedeng onion-skinned ka?

SP Hindi naman sa ganun. Kung may disagreement ka sa Presidente mo at ikaw ay member of the Cabinet, Huwag mong dadalhin 'yung issue muna sa publiko. Kailangan kausapin mo 'yung boss mo at sabihin mo, Mr. President, mukha yatang mali kayo sa desisyon ninyo. Eh 'di natapos. I have done the same thing while I was in the Cabinet of President Marcos. President Marcos, when they concluded the Tripoli Agreement without my knowledge I called him up over the phone. I told him, Mr. President, I would like to be heard and I want to discuss the Tripoli Agreement. He convened the Cabinet and I agreed. I argued the case in the Cabinet. I was supported by Estelito Mendoza and the late Peping Roño. President Marcos accepted my explanation. He called President Khadaffi right then and there and said that he could not enforce the Tripoli Agreement. That is the way to do it. Don't bring your issue before the people. Bring it first to your boss unless you are ready to quit.

On CA nominations

SP They have not completed their papers. They are supposed to submit it, complete it within a certain time but you check with the Secretariat. When they submit, we have to publish it then there must be a public hearing. Wala pang public hearing.

On Trillanes' case

Q Sir, may bearing pa po ba 'yung promulgation ng Court sa Trillanes case?

SP Wala na. Maski na convicted, the amnesty will prevail.

Q So parang malinis na po siya, cleared na siya pagpasok niya as a Senator?

SP The memory of the State will be erased.

Q Paano 'yung umamin, sir?

SP Kasama na rin 'yun. Nakalimutan na nung ng State 'yung pag-amin. Hindi ko narinig 'yun.

Q The prosecutors who pursued the case are complaining.

SP They should be thankful that they have nothing to prosecute. No work. Baka mamaya, matalo 'yung kaso sa kanila.

On Sec. De Lima

SP Isa lang ang Presidente ng Pilipinas. Lahat nung nagtatrabaho sa kanya mga subordinates lang niya. They disagree with him, then the door is wide open to them. If I were the President, I would say I have just received and accepted your resignation. Please leave me.

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