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October 13, 2010

Transcript of Sen. Serge Osmeña's Ambush Interview

On Sec. De Lima's threat to resign over the IIRC report

Q: Is it okay? Hindi ba iyon insubordination?

Serge: If you disagree, then you resign. Unfortunately in this world, not even husbands and wives would agree on everything. So dapat pagbigyan na lang niya ang pangulo paminsan-minsan. And she made the right decision to stay because she is one of the best appointess of the president to the Cabinet.

Q: Kailangan hindi maging balat-sibuyas, ganun ba?

Serge: Hindi naman. There are just some people who feel strongly about certain things. It's not a matter of being onion-skinned.

Q: Will it augur well with the Truth Commission? Siyempre, they will come out with their own recommendations there...

Serge: I don't think the President is going to interfere with the decision of the Truth Commission because he should treat it as an independent court.

Q: Hindi na kailangang i-review ang report or findings?

Serge: No, I don't think he should. After all, you've got the former highest judicial official of the land. Dating Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Q: Pero nakalagay po sa EO na puwede niyang i-review?

Serge: Baka nilagay nila ng ganun. But I don't think he should tamper with the findings.

Q: Iba iyon dun sa naging findings ng IIRC?

Serge: Yes. Kasi iyong IIRC, you really did not have a set of laws to go by. It was really a lot of judgement call. Kunwari ako iyong negotiator. And I went there. And then kidnapper shot everybody. Anog sasabihin nila? 'Serge, you failed.' Theoretically, I failed in my job to make him surrender but it's not my fault. That guy is crazy!

Q: There's a PCIJ report that the President really wanted to save the three - Verzosa, Puno and....

Serge: Well, he did not save Fred Lim. Fred Lim is being charged administratively. And I think that's really admirable on the part of the president.

On Pag-IBIG and GA housing mess

Q: Tuloy pa ba?

Serge: Yes. The Senate President wanted to join so he asked me to do it after the break kasi aalis siya. Kasi ako, I really wanted to do it during the break. Pero sabi niya after the break na lang.

Q: Anong agenda sa susunod na hearing?

Serge: Marami pa. We left so many things hanging. I will study the transcript. Marami pa talaga. Lots of things. Lalo na at marami akong train of thoughts but there were a lot who were questioning kaya hindi ko rin natuloy.

Q: Si Noli hindi masyadong natanong, pati na rin si Rep. Quimbo?

Serge: Yes. Because we have no time. We will be directing questions at them. We are inviting them again. And hopefully when the investigation's over, also Vice President Binay. Just to give us his inputs kung anong nangyari dun at kung anong changes ang gagawin niya sa Pag-IBIG, because he is now the Big Boss of Pag-IBIG, the chairman of the Board of Trustees.

On the amnesty for Trillanes

Q: Ironic naman na nag-pass kayo ng resolution without conducting any hearing tapos ngayon maghi-hearing na kayo?

Serge: It is a topic that everybody knows about. It's running through the minds of the senators for a long time. And it's not much, either you give amnesty now or not give amnesty. So, we did not have to call for a hearing. We knew the facts of the case, who hasn't read about it? Lalong-lalo na dito sa Senado eh kasamahan natin si Trillanes, so we are familiar with his case.

Anyway, amnesty, after 7 years in jail, I think it is best acceptable.

Q: Namumulitika lang daw si PNOY?

Serge: No. We were pushing him for the amnesty. Anong politika dun? He's not running for president anymore.

Q: Parang conspiracy daw? Pinagpasa na kayo ng resolution tapos naglabas ng proclamation?

Serge: No, we did not know about it. We were surprised. The first time that I got hold of that was during Chiz's birthday. May tinananong ako tungkol dun sa amnesty para kay Trillanes and sinabi sa akin na pipirmahan na. That was last Sunday.

Q: So it was the initiative of the Senate?

Serge: I don'w know if it was the initiative of the Senate. You have to ask President Noy about that. So I will not claim that it is the sole initiative of the Senate.

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