Press Release
October 13, 2010


Senate Majority Leader Vicente C. Sotto III today urged the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to exercise diligence before adopting the odd-even traffic scheme around the metropolis.

Sen. Sotto expressed apprehension whether such scheme would work this time as it has already failed in the past.

"The odd-even scheme had been tried, tested and failed some years ago, that is why we adopted the number-coding scheme for vehicle-volume reduction in metro streets," Sen. Sotto said.

The MMDA, he said, should first hold consultative meetings with the concerned sectors before deciding to replace the current number coding scheme.

"The better prescription is no illegal parking in Metro Manila, return the highways and streets to moving vehicles and stop stalling of public utility vehicles waiting for passengers and compel pedestrians to use elevated walkways. If all of these are strictly observed, I think we'll finally be able to manage the perennial traffic problem in Metro Manila," Sen. Sotto said.

Under the odd-even scheme, motor vehicles with plates ending in odd numbers will be banned on certain days of the week, allowing only those ending in even numbers to ply the streets of Metro Manila. There will be days that those ending in even numbers will be the ones prohibited in the streets to make room for motor vehicles ending in odd numbers.

"In theory, it will look as if the streets of Manila will be decongested, but the side streets will be full of snarled traffic because these streets are parking areas of residents without garages. Prohibit long-term parking on streets, or at least rationalize them, and we will see progress," Sotto added.

"I see no reason why the MMDA would like to squander the huge popular appeal of President Noynoy with an irritating traffic reduction scheme. Natitiis na nga ng tao ang number-coding without much discontent. Ngayon, eto na naman. Friends like these at the MMDA should think twice before putting it in place and keep in mind that the President does not need new enemies." Sotto remarked.

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