Press Release
October 14, 2010


In the last hearing , we have former PNP Chief Genreal Versoza, who have testified and denied that he has any involvement in the jueteng. We also had USec Puno , who gave his statement. Governor Espino of Pangasinan who also denied any involvement and ofcourse Mayor Domogan of Baguio who likewise denied involvement. Espino and Domogan also shared their thoughts and ideas on how to eradicate and stop jueteng. Former Ed Panlilio testified last time with a PowerPoint presentation. Pinakita niya na ang STL is being used as a front for the jueteng. Pinakita pa niya ang ticket ng STL at sa kabila may markings on the jueteng operations.

That has to be addressed in point , that is why we have today the General Manager of PCSO, Mr. Rojas to present the new, revitalized ,overhauled plan of a new STL so that it can combat jueteng. Governor Panlilio is also hear to help this panel to provide critique on the presentation of the PCSO.

The chair is also aware that in today's Philippine Daily Inquirer , there is an article by the Pampanga Governor and her husband alleging that we did not invite them. We would like to remind everyone , it's on record that at the last hearing we did repeat several times that all those named in the list had the option at the next hearing which is today. We named the date and the time .

All those named in the lists of Archbishop Cruz or Senator Miriam Santiago may appear today or if they do not wish to appear personally, they may send a letter or an affidavit . We also sent written invitations to all those in the list and we utilized the services of the National Bureau of Investigation in serving the invitations. I do not understand why they are alleging that they were not invited. In the spirit of fairness and fair play , we will have another hearing after the recess just to provide all those named, one last chance to appear if they so wish to para matapos na ito.

I would like to announce after few consultation with the co chairman of the other committees , we will hold one more hearing during the recess and we will invite again all those named personalities in the lists of Archbishop Cruz and Senator Miriam Santiago to come and appear and air their sigh or if they do not wish to appear they may submit a letter , sworn statement or affidavit. This will be the nth time that we have invited them to appear. It is to their disadvantage if they do not come and make their side known to this committee. Their none appearance will be judged accordingly if they do not appear next time then that would be it . They will be judged according to their none appearance and we will make the conclusions based from the testimonies and facts that we have gathered.

We also would like to state that the chair takes exceptions to the statement of the Pineda's found at the Philippine Daily Inquirer today that they were not been invited at the jueteng hearing. We just received word that the invitation for Gov. Pineda and her husband were received by a certain Reginald Mercado at the Capitolyo of Pampanga. This lays to rest this issue and if they do not appear next hearing then they would be judged accordingly.

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