Press Release
October 28, 2010


Honored for his exceptional contribution towards promoting knowledge, understanding and dialogue between Spain and the Philippines, Senator Edgardo J. Angara was chosen to receive the 2010 Premio Casa Asia Award on November 2, 2010 in Madrid, Spain.

Casa Asia, a cultural arm of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cited Angara for his efforts in reawakening the Philippine-Spanish relations particularly through RA 9187 or "An Act Declaring June 30 of the Year as Philippine Spanish Friendship Day" to commemorate the historical and cultural ties between Spain and the Philippines" which he authored.

Since its first celebration in 2003, the Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day has given birth to major initiatives in the area of legislation, culture, education, language, sports.

Aside from this landmark measure, Senator Angara with Spanish Ambassador Luis Arias and Mexican Ambassador Tomas Calvillo Unna initiated the celebration of Dia del Galeon on October 8 of every year to commemorate the historic and cultural ties forged by the Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade among the continents of Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Angara, the first Southeast Asian to receive this distinct honor, also led the signing of a landmark cooperation agreement between the Philippine Senate and the Spanish Senate. Under it, parliamentary exchanges shall be organized to discuss poverty alleviation, the promotion of sports, arts and culture and tourism and infrastructure as vectors for economic development.

He is also a regular keynote speaker and Philippine representative to the Tribuna España-Filipinas, an annual dialogue that serves as a platform for discussion on matters of mutual interest such as investment, tourism, trade, culture and education;

The Senate of the Philippines has recently granted Angara permission to receive the 2010 Premio Casa Asia which was born in 2001 with the objective of promoting and carrying out projects and activities that contribute towards greater mutual awareness, stronger relations between Spain and Asia-Pacific countries.

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